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Learning and Sharing the Word of God 

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Session 1 - Foundation: How Do I Get Started?
Session 2 - Observation: What Do I See?
Session 3 - Interpretation: What Does It Mean?
Session 4 - Application: How Does It Work?
Session 5 - Presentation: How Do I Put It All Together?
Session 6 - Proclamation: How Do I Communicate Effectively?
Micro Message 1 - What Happens When Teaching Happens
Micro Message 2 - An Up Close Look at the Exceptional Teacher
Micro Message 3 - Building Authentic Community on a Solid Foundation
Micro Message 4 - How to Handle Questions You Just Can Not Answer
Micro Message 5 - Practical Priorities that Make the Difference
Micro Message 6 - What is on the Minds of Today's Youth
Micro Message 7 - Teaching Youth so They Will Get the Message
Micro Message 8 - Four Crucial Minutes of Every Lesson
Micro Message 9 - Important Resources for Better Teaching
Micro Message 10 - Application: Where Teaching Comes to Life
Micro Message 11 - The Prayerful Walk of the Second-Mile Servant

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